Exchange Rates in Kyzyl, Russia

April 20, 2024

The table below shows the conversion rates for the dollar and euro for purchases using bank cards and payments in a currency other than the currency of the bank card account.

I want to
Bank /
At least one branch working time
US Dollar Euro Check/
Buy Sell Buy Sell
The best exchange rates83,92 97,91 89,43 104,35    
ROSBANK ROSBANK 83,92 97,91 89,43 104,35
today, 15:00:03
19.04.2024 19:48

You can pay for purchases in one currency directly from a card linked to an account in another currency. By observing the exchange rates in different banks, you can choose the bank with the smallest difference (spread) between the selling and buying rates. Usually currency conversion when paying with bank cards in such a bank will take place at lower costs. Since the size of the spread for banks lasts a long time and depends on the policy of the bank. In order to further minimize costs, you can exchange currency in advance in the Internet bank or in another way, and then pay from the card linked to the account in the same currency in which the purchase is made.