PJSC "Nevsky bank" in Moscow, Russia


Nevsky bank offices

Address: Moscow, Krasnobogatyrskaja Street 89 Building 5
Phones: (495) 730-20-06
Operation time:
Currency exchange:the office makes a currency exchange

Exchange rates PJSC "Nevsky bank"

June 14, 2019
Rubles / $1 US Dollar Rubles / €1 Euro
Buy Sell Buy Sell
64,30 65,50 72,30 73,50

The bank internet site in Russian: http://www.nevskybank.ru
Exchange Rates Check on the site of the Bank 3 minutes ago
Last time the Bank modified exchange rates: June 14, 2019 10:39:53 (local time)
Source of information about exchange rates: Official bank site.